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    Video editing is a process by which an editor places video clips, photos, graphics, audio, digital effects…

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    Video editing is a process by which an editor places video clips, photos, graphics, audio, digital effects, and any other audiovisual material on tape or a computer file.

    The objective of editing is to present a finished program to be broadcast on television, generate copies for sale or serve as the basis for other more finished ones.

    The term “editing” used to be confused with the word “editing” because they were similar activities, but editing referred only to video and used different technical means than film editing. In the 21st century, computerization has brought the two processes together.

    In the digital era, the types of editing have been restricted to four: cut or A/B roll, online and offline. Others existed when linear editing was used, but non-linear editing with random access made them disappear.

    The evolution of video editing has gone through several phases. Initially, 1958, it tried to imitate the film process of cutting and pasting pieces of tape. The next step was taken in the 1970s with linear editing, using two or more VTRs and often two rooms with different equipment. In 1988 the first digital system appeared and in 1992 the first fully digital system emerged thanks to flash memories and video compression algorithms.

    There is no longer a consensus among experts about what the future will look like. Technically, the ideal would perhaps be a union between the norm of cinema and television, but interests of different types can prevent it.

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