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Write us without any commitment, we are here to serve you. No question will be out of context. You are our priority and we are here to create your vision… Remember it!


Frequently Aske Questions

How much does it cost to make a website?


How many maximum pages does the website have for this price?

Five pages

The hosting & Domine are included for 1 year?

Yes! Each year you need renewal it

How much does the annual renewal cost?

$150 per year

How much does the annual renewal cost included update for my website?


Are 1,000 business cards included in the price of the website?

Yes! 1,000 business cards free for your business. Included the QR for promotion!

Can my website have monthly maintenance? How much does it cost?

Yes! Each month the cost is $70

Can I have a subsidy to make my website?

Of course! We make your website totally free… You just have to make a contract with us; where every month, for two years; you will pay $70 maintenance

How much does it cost to make my business logo?


Can I have a quote for other marketing and design services?

Of course! write us a text at (845) 814 1565 or write to:


Our core value is to love others as we love ourselves, where we do to others, what we want them to do to us. We give our best diligently, being punctual in the established times to develop an optimal job and deliver our product to our customers.

From the beginning, transparency with our customers is essential… transparency in the price we charge, integrity in the development of the product and in the support we give even after finishing our work… No job is too small, and neither is it too big.

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